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A Night Under The Stars

"Mother, this is silly. We both know this will not work." Mina said while she sat obediently on the chair in front of her vanity. Her mother was brushing her hair while humming.

"You are going. Dont fight it." her mother sighed, beginning the hair style that Mina would sport that night.

"I thought people didnt do arranged marriages any more."

"It is one date, I think you can rough it out."

Mina turned to face her mother, giving her the best sad face she could muster.

"Mina, please, it is one date. It cant hurt anything. Itll make your father happy." her mother retaliated with her own sad face and sad little plea. It was obvious where Mina had gotten her abilities from.

"Fine. But only one date. And he better not be arrogant."


The stars shown that night with an unusual vitality, as did the planet Venus. Mina sighed and looked up. At least one friend was with her tonight.

Mina heard a car pull up from behind and briefly closed her eyes. Even though she was the goddess of love, she didnt have much luck in the area. Being a Sailor Scout has taken a mass amount of her personal time. Boyfriends want their girlfriend to be available and just there. She had claimed family problems, projects, and prior engagements to way too many guys. Some assumed she was playing hard to get, others assumed she just didnt like them any more. Either option was not what she wanted them to think.

She had been dumped far too many times by boys. Their pride caused them to up with her quickly once they received signs. None of them wanted to be dumped by the girl.

But she would do this. It was one date. With the son of her fathers boss. She would never see him again, not by her accord anyway. They went to different schools, did different things, and had different lives.

After a moment of self-confidence boosting, she turned to see a sleek black limo creep up and stop. The driver promptly got out and opened the door to the back. She climbed in and took another deep breath. She knew this would end in some unpleasant way.

"Dont stress. We're here to have fun, right?"
His deep voice startled her a bit. Her nerves were on end.

"Thats the objective anyway."

He let out a little laugh and smiled. His smile was the least of her worries. She couldnt see him in the dark light of the car. Every street light allowed her a few brief seconds to see him, but they were too short to get much from it.

"Damn." he said under his breath after a few seconds. Her eyes looked at him just as they passed a street light. "Why are we even here?" he questioned.

"Dont ask me. It wasnt my idea." she said simply, looking back to the window.

"Thats what I thought."

The purpose of his statement was unclear at the moment, but she dismissed it.

He tapped the window separating them from the driver. It slid down, revealing the operator of the vehicle.

"Yes sir?" he asked.

"Pull over. Right here." he ordered. The driver obeyed and then quickly shut the window again.

"What are you doing?" she asked, uncertainly.

"You could try a little harder here." he accused.

"What do you mean by that?"

"You think youre the only one who doesnt want to be here? Open your damn eyes a little." He reached across her lap and pulled the door handle.


"It is obvious neither one of us want this." he pushed the door open. "Here is your chance to get out. We can tell our parents we had a BLAST. We are here
for them anyway." the sarcasm in his voice was strong. He looked at her with expectation. "Its all up to you."

She reached for the door handle, but he reached across her again, preventing her from closing the door.

"If you are going to stay, dont stay for your father, or your mother. Dont stay because you need a story to tell your friends. Stay because YOU want to. Dont do it for them. Stay for you."


Laughter filled the empty almost country road. It was real laughter that came from deep inside the stomach.

"Now, Serena did not know. So shes all chatting this guy up. The rest of us are leaning on each other laughing. When-"

"I would have given anything to see that." he said smiling like a fool. She didnt mind the interruption in her story.

He turned his head to face her, and his hair made a noise as he did so. It was short hair, styled with a practiced hand. Its dark color made it hard to separate from the darkness that was around them.

"What is it like? Being rich I mean."

"Its like being given a duty without consent. I never asked to be rich, just like orphans dont ask to be parentless."

"That is a strong comparison."

"Dont get me wrong, it has its perks." he let out a laugh, and she did too.

"You must have some funny stories with your friends." she nudged him, wanting to hear about his life.

"I have a few..." a huge smile covered his face, and he tried to take control of it. This only made his smile bigger.

"Lets hear them." she urged.

"Hm, which one should I tell....." he went quiet for a few minutes, then let out a laugh, apparently finding one he wanted to share....

"It all started when my friend Ga-su heard that this other guy at our school-"

"Eidan, your cell phone is ringing."

"Shit." he turned his feet to the side of the car and jumped off the roof.

Still on the roof, Mina could hear his conversation, but chose to watch the sky instead. And of course, smile.

Once done his call, Eidan climbed back on the roof and looked back up to the sky.

"I don't look at stars often. Now I wish I did it every night."

"I don't look at them every night, but I try to every now and then. Do you believe in wishing on stars?"

"I wish on them, but I don't actually believe that they can help me at all. They are balls of burning gas after all. Why?"

"Just a survey I'm taking," she turned and smiled at him.


"It seems that only people who actually believe stars can make wishes come true are worth knowing." she said as if it were scientific data.

"Really now? I'm screwed then." he laughed, as did she.

"Isn't that the most beautiful sight you have ever seen?" Mina's eyes were staring at Venus, which was shining bright.

"It is." Eidan was not focused on one sopt in the sky, but the entire thing.

Mina looked out of the corner of her eye in his direction. She was surprised she was instead looking at the sky, rather than her. Guess things dont happen like they do in movies.

"Fine, be that way." she joked. Eidan was confused for a few seconds, then caught on.

"I mean," he turned on one elbow to face her, and said, "Why yes, it IS the most beautiful sight I have EVER seen." he tried, but he couldn't keep a straight face, causing them both to laugh.

Eidan's face turned serious, and his eyes roamed her face. He took the chance, and leaned over her, and slowly neared her face with his own. She could feel his body heat radiate from his body and could hear his quickened breathing. As well as feel his breath as he got closer to her face. It smelled sweet and strong, not at all in a bad way. She could smell HIM. His essence, not just the smell of his cologne.

And she couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed the sides of his jacket that were dangling down over her, and pulled him closer. He complied without protest. He rested his hand, palm down, on the roof of the car, and eased her back down onto her back.

After a few moments he pushed off the car roof and turned so his back was on the car, not hers. Her hands went to his once perfect hair, and his hands trached down her arm and along her side, and finaly rested briefly at her now exposed, bare, sides near her hips. Her hands soon found their way under his shirt and she discovered that he was more muscular than she anticipated. His body was hard and muscular below her, and yet he still seemed soft and kind.

Above the two, in the night's sky, Venus shown brighter than it had in a long time.

Author's Note:
Now that you have read this fanfic, let me tell you a few little side notes. (if you have not read the fanfic yet, do so before you read this) This fanfic has a few influences. One being the play "Our Town," by Thorton Wilder. I read that play, and saw it on stage recently. That play is all about focusing on the little things we miss. This little ficy does that too. Or at least it was meant to. The other influence is ovbviously the show Sailor Moon, to be specific, I wanted to read something different and decided to read some Sailor Moon related fanfics. So I have that show on the brain. I haven't watch a Sailor Moon episode in a long time, and I don't think it is on Cartoon Network right now. It really doesn't matter in relation to this fanfic. What does matter is this is made to show the little things we miss, and how we are interrupted. Like Eidon getting a phone call. It interrupted them having fun and being people outside of technology. A little side note is that Mina and Eidan were not on that little road for five minutes before I started writing about that place at that time. They had been there for some time at that point. I tried to make her in the middle of telling a story to show that a little. The fanfic was also written to make Mina seem more like a person. I only wrote about Mina instead of Amy, Lita, or whatever because Mina is my favorite and I can play off the whole "my love life sucks" thing. I obviously can't do that with Serena. Her kissing up on a guy in the middle of nowhere while Darien is home alone probably wouldn't go over well with some people :) I don't really know "who" Mina "is". It's been a long time since I watched the show. The entire show, battles and all, was to develope the characters. But I personally don't think Mina was looked into much. She was there the shortest and everything. Plus, I have a terrible memory so I forget loads of stuff. And so no one e-mails me and tells me I did SUCH a wonderful job and asks where any other of my Sailor Moon fanfintion is, there is no more on the net. I had written about ten of them, well, was in the process of writing about ten of them. But for some reason, at one point in time, I deemed it ok to delete them all. So this is all there is. I might write more, but it will probably be short like this one. This one is approx. 5 pages. Any questions, comments, etc, e-mail me at Thanks again.