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The Destiny of Five

This is by me, creator of this web page. Tell me any thoughts, etc. Enjoy.

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They had fought Talpa. They had beaten Talpa. They had saved the Mortal Realm, several times. They went through unhuman amounts of pain, and made it to live another day. They had been through so much. But none of that mattered now. Because in the Mortal Realm, people died. People got sick, and people were murdered.

And the Mortal Realm couldnít save Kento, like he helped save it.

They had all wished of the day when they could let their armors rest, and they could live normal lives. Now they wanted nothing more than wear their armors again, feel
protected in them, and be a Ronin Warrior again.

See, in the mortal Realm, you donít have special abilities, and you arenít that strong. You are weak. So when rocks fall on top of you, you die. Kento never had a
chance. He was only on his daily walk in the woods. What did he do to deserve this? Nothing, nothing at all. And that was why it was hard to accept. When those 5, huge, rocks landed on him, he had nothing to protect himself. He had no warning, he died instantly. His neck broke, and Sage wouldnít have been able to save him if he was there. It was instantaneous. The only pain Kento felt was when the first little, insignificant pebble crumbled and landed on his head. Then it went black.

It was hopeless anyway. And the Ancient canít cure something long dead. By the time police and the ambulance arrived, he lost almost all his blood, and the rocks covered
his body. He was surrounded by rocks. Rocks. Iron Rock Crusher...Kento could crush rock with his armor, but as a mortal, they crushed him. They ended his life.

All the remaining Ronins, and Kentoís other friends and family, gathered at his funeral. But there wasnít a body. The rocks left only a destroyed pile of carnage when he was dug out. And he was undistinguishable. The only reason they knew it was him, was because he had an ID card with him, it was covered in his own blood.

Tears were being wept, and people comforted each other in this hard time. The four guys couldnít believe Kento, the owner of the Armor of Hardrock, had fallen this
easy. He was the warrior of justice, and his death gave him no justice. It wasnít fair. Everyone left and went home, to try and live their lives, without Kento Re Faun. And it
was going to be hard.

Kentoís orb was buried at his grave, the guys made sure of that.

Five months later, tragedy struck. Ryo Sananda, warrior of virtue, owner of the Armor of Wildfire, had died in exactly that, a fire. He was in a department store, at 5pm, when it
caught on fire. Ryo never made it out. He was too busy trying to save others. The fire burnt his flesh, fried his hair, and took his life away. How ironic it was, what powered his armor, what helped him beat Anubis and Sekhmet, what made him the warrior he was, killed him. The very same thing that helped save the Mortal Realm, killed the strong
warrior. There were only 3 Ronins left. The brawn behind the Ronins was gone, and the leader was gone. All they had left was the smart one, the timid one, and the wise one. No,
they werenít the Ronins any more. They were three lost guys stripped from their two bestfriends. It felt strangely empty without them.

Like Kento, Ryoís body was too badly destroyed to be presented in front of his loved ones. They had a vase, or a sort of cup, that was decorated nicely. Inside was his
ashes, and his most prized possession. His orb for the Armor of Wildfire. No one knew why it was important, except Cye, Rowen, and Sage. But the family didnít argue. If it was
important to Ryo, they would use it.

The funeral was beautiful, as far as funerals go. Cye, Rowen, and Sage didnít stay long. It was too painful. But they went to the after dinner. It didnít make any difference they went though. They sat in the corner, staying silent in thought. They were surrounded by people who were telling stories about Ryo when he was young, or something funny he did. And they talked about how they loved him. The three remaining warriors just sat in solace, preferring to stay quiet. They even refused to make a comment about Ryo and his life like everyone else did. Mia didnít attend the funeral or after dinner.

But the three friends wouldnít have to hurt long, in 5 more months, the bearer of the Armor of Halo, Sage Date, died. Now two friends had to grieve for the death of three.
He was running in the house from a storm, when 5 lightning bolts struck him in a freak accident. He died instantly too. He fell right to the ground, and Cye and Rowen saw it happen. They were right in the doorway. Light was his element, well, that and spirits. And light killed him. It was all very coincidental, the police said, They said it has never happened before, and Sage would go down in history as the man killed by 5 lightening bolts. And he said it as if that was supposed to comfort Cye and Rowen. Kento killed by
rocks, Ryo by fire, and now Sage by light. But Rowen and Cye dismissed it. They had another friend to burry, and family of their friends to comfort now.

Sageís beautiful features were now scarred with black marks from the shock. His body stuck in the same frightened position. He had a closed casket funeral. Cye and Rowen, the only remaining Ronins, made sure Sage was also buried with his orb. Now three had fallen. And the pain grew more to compensate the loss, of yet another friend. Who would be next? Who would be killed by what they loved? And how was this fair? The Mortal Realm couldnít save any of their three friends. Anger was being created towards the Mortal Realm. Ryo had almost given up his life for them numerous times, as
did Kento and Sage. And yet the Mortal Realm didnít really try to save them. To them, they were just people who they could afford to loose, therefore, they didnít fight the fire
with all their efforts, or hurry to at least try and save Kento. Rowen hoped one day the Mortal Realm would one day realise what it lost so far.

Five months later, Rowen was trying to move on. He had pursued the only way to get close to the stars again. He had been trying since Kentoís death, and finally it would
happen. Rowen was an astronaut now. He left for a space expedition, he didnít believe the stars would hurt him. They helped him so many times before, they wouldnít fail him
now. He just knew it. He had been so happy, he could finally be in space again. Space, oh, how he loved it. He hadnít been there since Talpa sent him there. He couldnít wait.

But, oh space HAD betrayed him, and it betrayed him terribly

His space suit had a whole in it. By the time it was noticed, it was too late. Someone forgot to check his, or they did a bad job doing it. It killed Rowen in .5 seconds.
His funeral also didnít have a body, only his orb, his body was still in the stars. Rowen too, was killed by what gave him happiness. What a waist to die that way. Rowen was so
smart, and he was looking forward to this so much. This was all so much of a waist, the death of these four great people Cye was lucky enough to call his friends.

And more anger grew in Cyeís heart. He couldnít take living in Japan any more. He had to get out of there. The irony of everything was too much for him to ignore. He had to get
out of there before he too died. It wasnít fair that what all of his friends loved so much killed them. It wasnít right. How could outer space do this to Rowen? The stars were now tainted with blood. The blood of someone who loved them. They now shown with an evil glare of murder and death. Cye didnít know if he could ever look at the sky with a smile again.

Five weeks later, Cye was on a ship, to get away.

His ship went down in a terrible storm, it was knocked over by a series of five huge waves crashing into the left side of the boat. It tipped, spilling everyone into the unforgiving ice water. His beloved sea was going to take his life. Luckily, he had his orb with him, so he too would be buried with it. Maybe he could be buried in the bottom of
the sea. That was Cyeís last wish, to be buried at sea, and it looked as if that was going to happen. As Cye felt the life slipping from him in the cold water, few words escaped his mouth,

ďLive by the number, die by the number. Five....,Ē a smile crept across his all knowing lips. Five. That was the magic number when dealing with Ronins. Five ruled a lot of things. That was how many Ronin Warriors there were. Now there was one, and he was slowly slipping. He now knew he couldnít escape from his destiny. He was a Ronin, and this was how he was to die. He reached to unclipped his life jacket. But before he did, he looked at the sky one last time. He could see clouds, darker than normal creep across the sky. They were clouds from the dynasty. Talpa, was some how back, from that terrible place. Cye figured this may be Talpa, but he didnít care anymore. And now, none of the Ronins would be here to protect the Mortal Realm. Talpaís evil laughter could be heard, and spirits were souring through the air, looking for victims. He finally unclipped his life
jacket, and a smile crept across his face. Let the Mortal Realm fend for itís self now. Now they would really know how much the lives on his four friends meant. He let out a
relieved sigh. He was free from Talpa, free from worry, and free from grief of his friends death. His tired body sunk, the life leaving as he drifted down. But the smile never left his all knowing face as he sank, and the smile stayed there for all eternity.......

~ The End ~