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One Life To Live

Chapter One

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10/6/01 First Day! I know there is only one chapter, but oh well, be happy there is one to begin with. This may be the only fanfoc on the site until I find a new one. I may take the other one off for several reasons. Till then. And enjoy the chapter.

Alright people. As you can see, this fanfic is called one life to live. I don't have a summery from Miranda so far, and I do plan to get one out of her, but until then just read it. I like it. And it's the only JAG fanfic I have right now. So you have to like it :)

Story Stats
Author: Miranda
Chapter Done: 1
Incomplete/Finished: Incomplete

Pictured Below: Bud, Harm, Mac, Chegwidden
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[My] DISCLAIMER: I do not own JAG, do not own any of their characters, and never will. JAG and all the characters from the show are owned by the proper companies.

[Miranda's] DISCLAIMER: Ok, I'm not really good at these so I'll just get down to it. I do not own JAG or and of it's components. I don't own David James Elliott, (although I wish I did) Catherine Bell, or any other JAG actors or characters... blah, blah, blah. You get the picture right? Oh, and don't steal my story or my characters... I don't really want to hunt you down. If you don't think I can find you... your wrong, I've got contacts. Have a nice day! :)