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Risen Empire


- 500 years ago, five warriors discovered powers that rested inside each of them: the ability to control a different type of energy. The five fighters decided to use their new abilities to try and liberate the Dynasty from the evil warrior known as Tulpa, who had taken over. After a long battle between them and Tulpa's warlords, the five warriors were forced to flee. Once safe, the five warriors realized that no matter how hard they tried, they wouldn't be able to stop Tulpa; their powers just weren't strong enough. But the leader found a source of hope for the future. She found that the powers grew through time. Even though it grew slowly, the powers would indeed become stronger, maybe even strong enough to stop Tulpa. 

That night, the five warriors decided to make five armors from the powers they contained. The armors would contain the powers that only could be used by a descendant of the original warrior's bloodline. Thus, the armors of Bloodline were created. There was the armor of Ninja and Knight, which were made for girls only, and the armors of the Warrior, Samurai, and Assassin, which were intended for boys.

The armors secret was guarded for 481 years, until Tulpa found out about them. He stole the next bearers of the armors for his army, but one wasn't taken, for she was to young. A few years later, Tulpa came back for her, but she was gone; after years of searching, she was still missing........- 


"Hmmmm. Bloodline. That sounds familiar." Cale muttered as he set the scroll down. He and the other Warlords were in Tulpas old throne room waiting for Kayra. Cale was sitting in the middle of a pile of scrolls, reading each carefully. "Hey, Dais? Do you think these Bloodline warriors will show?" 

Dais was hanging upside down from one of the rafters in his sub-armor, his arms were crossed, his white hair hung loosely, and his blue eye starred at Cale blankly. "I don't think so. I think Tulpa gave up on them right before we invaded the Mortal Realm. I haven't seen them as of yet." 

"Ok." Cale said as he began to read another scroll. "Dais. I have another question." he stated without looking up. 

"And that is?" Dais asked from his perch. 

"Why do you constantly hang upside down? What is the purpose of it?" 

Dais raised his eyebrow in surprise. "That's two questions. I hang here because it gives the world an interesting look." 

"Right." Cale dragged that out sarcastically, then shrugged and continued to read. He was reading an account of the battles fought between the Warlords and Ronins. He just scanned it, stopping long enough to read about his fights with Halo. It didn't happen like that! Cale's thoughts were interrupted by a question. "What?" 

"I said, why do we have to be here?" Sekhmet asked, rather irritated from boredom. His green hair was a mess, as usual, and his beady black eyes gave him the appearance of a psychopath. "And where did you get those scrolls?" 

Cale ran a hand through his blue hair and shrugged. "They were in Anubis' room. I was hoping to find something in them." 

"And that would be?" probed Sekhmet. 

"Oh..nothing important. Cale said nonchalantly. Just...stuff on the armors."  

Dais and Sekhmet looked at each other in disbelief at their friend's nievness. "And you think that information would be in Anubis' scrolls?" Dais asked. 

"Your wasting you time, Cale." Sekhmet said. "He didn't know anymore about the armors than we did."  

Cale didn't answer. He knew it was a long shot, but what the hey? It wasnt like he had other important work to do. Every since Tulpas death, their lives had been rather dull. He picked up yet another scroll and began to read when Kayra walked in. She was also in her sub armor, and she had the Ancient's Staff with her. 

"Good morning guys." She looked at each, getting a hi from Dais and Sekhmet, then her eyes landed on Cale. "What are you doing, Cale?" she asked curiously. 

"He's turning into Mia." Sekhmet commented dryly. Cale shot him a cold glare. 

Dais got down from the rafter, deciding to stop another fight from breaking out. "He's researching the armors." 

"Oh." Kayra said as politely as possible, holding back a laugh. "Any luck?" 

"No." Cale said calmly. A mischievous smile spread across his face when he finished reading the scroll he held. "But I did find out what Tulpa did on his off time." 

That gained everyone's attention. They quickly ran over to him as he held up the scroll. "It says here, though I have no clue how Anubis found this out, that Tulpa would work out with someone named Richard Simmons." 

"Richard Simmons!?!" the other Warlords echoed in disbelief.  

"You mean the gay guy who comes on at 2am?" asked Dais. Cale nodded, smiling at the thought of Tulpa in spandex working out with that freak. As if the others had read his mind, they all burst out into laughter. Unknown to them was the fact that a figure stood in the darkness, eyeing them coldly. 

They tried to calm down so they could breath, but the image was just too funny. Kayra's smile widened as a new thought came to mind. "No wonder Wildfire beat him. He trained with a loser, and in turn became one!" This comment aroused more fits of laughter from the group. 

The shadowy figure raised a small dart into the air and aimed. With a wicked grin, he sent the dart flying. 

The rings of the Staff began to chime loudly, alerting everyone of danger. Cale was the first to see it. A shimmer of light reflected off of something. And that something was heading straight for Kayra.  

"Look out!" he yelled as he pushed Kayra out of the way. The object flew safely by and embedded itself into the wall. Cale helped Kayra up. "Are you alright?" 

"Yes. Thanks." Kayra answered. Suddenly a laugh filled the room. Faintly at first, then it grew louder and louder. 

All the Warlords looked around cautiously, gathering in the middle of the room as they watched. The room seemed to darken as the laugh grew louder.  

"I know that laugh..." Dais said gravely, pure hatred written on his face. 

"But how can it be?" Cale asked in disbelief, caution evident in each of his movements. 

"Tulpa...." Sekhmet spat, his mind alert, his face unreadable. 

"No. Not again." Kayra whispered, fear evident in her voice. She clutched the staff to her body. "We have to get out of here, now. We have to tell the Ronins." 

"I'm sorry, but no ones going anywhere." came an unfamiliar voice. By this time all the light was gone and all that was left was the evil laughter echoing through the darkness...... 


* * * * 


NOOOOOOOOOO! The mournful cry filled the night sky, piercing through the silence that lay like a blanket over the city. A young girl stood in the middle of the street, tear streaming like a flood down her face as she glared at a group of what looked like walking armor. Rage filled her mind and soul as she looked at the body of her fallen mentor. 

You. Will pay....oh so dearly.....for this! she cried. In flurry of motion, she pulled something from her neck and raised it into the air. Her dark blue/purple eyes filled with revenge as she concentrated. HONOR! Once said, a surge of dark blue and black energy bolts surged from her hand, encasing her in energy. The bolts enclosed around her body, forming into a black and dark blue sub-armor. In her raised hand, she held a dagger that had a black handle and a blade that extended almost 12 inches. 

She lowered the dagger, examining the blade for a moment. Her dark blue/black hair danced wildly as the wind picked up. Her tears had subsided, being replaced by a dangerous calm that was mostly found around psychopaths before they killed a victim.

Without looking up, she charged her victims, every inch of her ready to destroy them. 

She slashed at the first, tearing a huge gash in the unsuspecting soldier, causing black and green smoke to ooze out of the armor. She wasn't so lucky with the next. The second soldier was ready for her. It slashed with its spear, aiming a blow at her head. The young warrior ducked in an attempt to miss the attack and it work, partially. She missed loosing her head, but the spears blade still managed to wound her. A large gash had been opened across her forehead. Blood streamed down as the warrior jumped back in shock. 

She reached up with her free hand, whipping the blood from her eyes. She looked down at her blood stained hand and sighed angrily. She closed her eyes and shot the hand containing her dagger into the air. 


She slashed down, then across, then brought the dagger out in front of her chest, both hands clasped around the hilt. A surge of dark energy exploded from the dagger. It traveled up her arms and encased her body, forming into her armor. A crossbow formed on the back of her mostly dark blue armor. Black outlined the boots, chest plate, and gauntlets. Her helmet was dark blue except for the face guard, which she kept open, and a pair of wings on the front. One last surge of energy came from the hilt of the dagger, traveling up the blade, shooting into the sky. When the surge ended, the dagger had transformed into a katana. 

The warrior sheathed the sword, pulling the crossbow from her back. As if aiming a six-shooter, she let lose a barrage of arrows, taking out almost half of her opponents. She, then, threw the crossbow aside and pulled out her sword. She attacked with the ferocity of a lion, taking out the rest save one. This was the one she wanted. This was the one who deserved all her wrath. This was the one who had killed her mentor. This one would die a painful death. 

She held her katana out in front of her chest, both hands on the hilt. DARK ENERGY..... She raised the sword into the air. Dark blue energy bolts seemed to appear out of nowhere, energizing her sword. The blade turned black as a dark blue aura surrounded it and the warrior. The dark energy bolts surged up and down the blade, beginning to be released. SURGE!!!! She slashed down and across, sending the energy wave at the last remaining soldier. 

The soldier's dying scream echoed through the night as the energy ripped the him apart. The young warrior powered down the armor, staying in her sub-armor. The wind picked up again, blowing her hair around her face, causing her to wince in pain as the wind touched her wound. The sound of sirens suddenly came from the distance. 

Dang it! Who called the cops? she muttered. She suddenly realized her face was covered in blood, she was holing a dagger, and a dead body was laying about ten feet away. The police aren't going to believe this.  

"Run! You're still in danger! a voice said in her mind. The warrior didn't have time to argue as the red lights of the police cars came into view from the horizon. She turned and ran as fast as she could, not caring, or knowing, where she was going. She ran out of the city and into a forest not to far from the city limits. Only then did she slow down to get her bearings.  

The sun had started rising, giving her enough light to see her surroundings. She saw a stream near by, so she went over there to wash up. She almost shrieked when she saw what state she was. Blood was dried all over her face. Her bangs were plastered to her forehead from a mix of sweat and dried blood. She sighed irritatedly. She washed her face off, then took a well needed drink. When she finished, fatigue began to overtake her. After the night's events, fighting it wasn't an option, so she laid down and let sleep over take her. 


* A cool breeze blew across her face as she opened her eyes. She stood in a large field surrounded by mountains. She was no longer in her sub-armor. Instead she wore a dark blue tunic with black trim tied with a black sash and dark blue slacks. She felt the softness of the grass against her feet. A smiled spread across her face as she looked up at the clouds. She loved it here. 

"About time you came, Katana. Katana turned to see a young woman in a white outfit that was the same as hers, except the sash and trim were light purple. The woman was alittle taller than she was with long, braided white hair and deep blue eyes. 

"Hello Stefin! She gave her friend a big hug.  

"It is so good to see you. Stefin said as she pulled away. Her blue eyes landed on Katana's wound. She gingerly touched it. "Looks like they got you. It will leave a scar. 

"Alright, Katana! You got a battle scar! came a young man's voice from behind a tree. Katana and Stefin smiled as they walked over to where the voice came. Three young men sat by a stream. 

"Yes, Dan, I guess I did. Dan gave her a Han Solo grin. He had ruby red hair (it looks like Sekhmet's) and deep green eyes. He also wore a tunic and slacks. His was green with ruby red trim and sash. 

The young man next to him eyed Katana worriedly. "I'm sorry it had to happen to you. Youre not hurt any further are you? he asked, his brown eyes filled with worry. 

"No, Pyseous. This is the extent of the damage. Stefin said, pointing to the gash.

Pyseous sighed with relief. He had on a black outfit, like the others, with gold trim. His black hair was short and held back by a gold head band. 

The last of them had brown hair with a silver streak by each eye. His eyes were the same mix of dark blue and purple as Katana's. He stood in a silver tunic with black trim and sash and silver slacks. He walked up to Katana and hugged her, not saying a word as he held her. Katana pulled away, staying arms length away. 

"Are you sure your ok? he asked. 

"Yes, Corin, I'm fine. I'm 19 now. I can take care of myself. she said playfully. 

"That wound would suggest other wise. He said seriously. 

Katana gave him a hurt look. "You are so protective! 

"Aren't older brothers suppose to worry about their sisters? He smiled slightly. He hugged her one more time, not wanting to let her go. He, as all older brothers do, wished he could keep her there forever so he could protect her, but he knew it was impossible. He pulled away to arms length once more. He met her eyes, all seriousness in his look. 

Katana looked at him worriedly, then looked at the others, seeing the same seriousness in them. "What's wrong? she asked.

"The Mortal Realm is in danger. Corin said. 

"In danger? From what? Katana asked worriedly. 

"From our Master. Pyseous said, pure hatred in his words. 

"He is planning to invade Japan in a few days. Stefin said urgently. 

"Why Japan?" Katana asked. "Why not somewhere else? 

"Apparently, the great Emperor Tulpa has an old score to settle. Either way, you must go ASAP. 

"But I can't go! I can't do this alone! She said as tears filled her eyes. "I lost my mentor, and he was the only one who could have helped me! Stefin put a comforting arm around her. 

"It's ok. You won't be alone. There are people there who will help you. They will help you find the truth. The truth about us. Stefin said. The kanji of FAITH appeared on her forehead. 

Dan stood up and walked to them. "The truth about the armors. NOBILITY! 

Pyseous joined Dan as he said, "The truth about your family. DISCIPLINE! 

Corin completed the circle they had formed. Everything is in Japan, you just have to find the right path. We will try to help you, but you know it will be difficult. VALOR! 

I know. Katana said. She looked at each one of her friends. Her heart broke as she thought about what was to come. I will free you. HONOR! 

Their kanji's flared. "I re-new my vow. I vow on my honor as the Bloodline Ninja, you will not stay under that demons sway forever. 

They all nodded. Suddenly their bodies became translucent. "Time to go. Dan said sadly. "See you soon, Katana. He vanished. 

Good bye. Pyseous said as he vanished. 

Be strong, my friend. Stefin gave Katana a careless grin as she disappeared. 

Katana looked at Corin sadly. This isn't fair! I don't want to fight you. 

"You'll have to. Be brave, little one. I love you. He said, using her pet name. He hugged her tightly, not wanting to let her go. 

I love you. They stayed together until their bodies disappeared, separating them once more. * 


Kate awoke with a start. The sun was setting as she got up. All she remembered was she needed to go to Japan, and she promised to free.........someone.