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Risen Empire
Chapter One

Chapter Two


Deric turned and saw Kate standing in the doorway. Kate! Run! Get out of here! 

A spear. The blood. Deric falling to the ground. 


* * * *  

Kate shot up, almost hitting her head on the window. She looked around groggily, trying to clear her head. She looked out the window and saw a city passing under the plane. I guess were almost there.  

To confirm her suspicions, the pilots voice came over the intercom. Kate groaned as she tried to understand the words. 

Why didnt I learn this stupid language? she muttered as the pilot repeated what he had said in English. Ladies and Gentleman, we are about to land at the Toyama airport. Please fasten your seat belts and hold on tight. 

Kate did as told. As the plane prepared to land, she began to think on the events that had brought her there 


* * * * 

Whats that noise? Kate slowly opened her eyes and looked around her dark room. Aden, her hawk, stood perched on the bed post, eyes alert. The hawk looked at her and gave a worried sound. Kate looked at her clock, it was 1:30 am. Suddenly a blast shook the house.

Whoa! What was that? Kate jumped out of bed; she took her medallion off the nightstand and ran downstairs, Aden following close behind. 

She saw the front door, or what was left of it, lying on the ground. She cautiously walked to the door and the site that greeted her wasnt pleasant. Deric, Kates mentor, was fighting what looked like walking green armor. 

Deric! Kate shrieked as she saw him. 

He turned to her, a look of fright and concern crossed his face. Kate! Run! Get out of here! During his warning, one of the walking armors came up behind him and ran him through with a spear. Kates heart stopped as she watched her mentor fall. 

* * * * 

Excuse me, Miss, but its time to get off the plane. The Hostess words woke Kate from her thoughts. 

Oh. Im sorry. Kate reached into the compartment above her and took out her bag. Reaching into a side pocket, she pulled out her sunglasses. She put them on, covering her dark blue/purple eyes, then stepped off the plane. Already she regretted not taking a night time flight. Kate wore a pair of blue jeans, a navy blue T-shirt, had a black and blue flannel tied around her waist, and her long black/blue hair was up in a ponytail. 

Kate looked around, hoping to find another way out instead of the front. She had snuck abroad the plane and hoped not to get caught. She slowly walked a way from the crowd herding towards the front. Seeing another door, she headed to it and found herself in a storage room.

This is great. She sighed and began the search for an exit. It didnt take her long to find the way out, but when she did, Kate turned right back around and slammed the door. 

That was close. she said quietly. She almost had a close encounter with the security guard. She sighed and walked back in the direction she had come. As Kate re-entered the blazing light of the sun, she saw a figure circling the lot.  

Aden! she called to her faithful pet. The hawk flew to her side, squawking in delight.

Nice to see you too, Aden. Do you happen to have any suggestions on how I can leave without any trouble?

Aden turned her head to the main lobby of the airport, then looked above it and nodded. Kate understood and laughed. Now why didnt I think of that? Must be this Japanese air. She smirked at her comment while Aden took flight. Kate pulled her bag tightly to her back and started to sprint. She picked up speed about half way, then, when she was almost to the door, jumped with all her might, landing on the roof.

Well, that worked well, now didnt it. Kate looked over the edge to make sure no one had seen her, then she strolled to the other end of the roof. Peering over the edge, she saw the cost was clear. Clear being the word. In fact, no one was in the parking lot.

Thats odd. Kate shrugged and jumped down. Suddenly, Aden gave a warning cry as an energy blast hit her. 

"Aden!" Kate cried. The roar of motors diverted her attention. 

Kate turned to see a group of bickers coming her way. They waved blades over their heads, screaming and yelling like maniacs. Kate started to walk off as non-chalantly as she could, but the gang followed her. She began to run, franticly trying to escape. She ran at full speed, but the bickers didnt let up. They managed to maneuver her into the wall, surrounding her on all sides. 

You boys want something? Kate asked in an innocent tone. 

One of the bickers, a young man in his 20s, got off his bike and approached her. He was in a pair of black jeans, a sleeveless silver T-shirt, and a black vest. His brown hair was shoulder length with two silver strips hanging by his dark blue/purple eyes. Kate noticed that he wore a medallion similar to hers.  

He walked up to her, trapping her between his arms. The stranger leaned down and whispered into her ear. Master Tulpa requests your presence, daughter of Aladine. We are here to escort you." 

Kate glared at her captor. Listen, I dont know who you are or who this Tulpa is. But I have a feeling he is bad news. You tell your master I would rather die. 

Her captor laughed coldly. As you wish, Ninja. He turned to his gang. Get her. 

The leader backed off to reveal not the bicker gang, but more of those green walking armors. Kate looked at them in anger and pure hatred. You guys! Ill make you pay for killing Deric! 

The leader chuckled to himself. That traitor. He got what was coming to him. As will you if you dont reconsider. 

If Tulpa sent those green dudes to kill Deric, then I swear to kill him! Kate pulled her medallion off of her neck and raised it. HONOR! 

In a flash of black and dark blue light, her sub armor appeared. She lowered her hand, now clutching a black handle dagger, and prepared to attack.. The soldiers charged her, swinging their weapons as they did. Kate dogged the first attack and blocked the second. She slashed at two more, causing black and green smoke to come streaming out of them as the armor fell. Kate fought as hard as she could, trying not to let anger take over. 

The leader stood back and watched. The daughter of Aladine certainly has her fathers skill. It will be a pleasure killing her. 

A soldier grabbed Kates arm and threw her into a near by car. The sound of shattering glass emanated through the empty lot. Kate slowly got up and charged again, quickly dispatching the last of the soldiers. After the last one fell, she turned to the leader.  

Now its your turn! she hissed. 

Ah, young warrior, you will find that I am not as easily beaten. A physcopathic look overtook his face as he raised his arm. A silver light encased him, forming into a silver and black sub armor; he was also holding a wicked looking dagger. His hair flew in the wind as a wicked grin crossed his face. Come on, little one. Try your luck. He taunted. 

Kate's face became red with anger. She hated being called little! She raised her dagger and charged, fully intending to slice that stupid grin off his face. Kate swung at him; he paired the blow, the force knocking Kate's dagger from her hold. The young man grabbed Kate by the neck and lifted her into the air. 

Kate struggled to get free. She beat on his arm with all her might, but to no avail. He held her there like she was a rag doll. He grinned evilly at her pain. Now I will take you to Master Tulpa. And if you don't agree to serve him.... his grip tightened, causing pain to course through her body. Stars exploded behind her eyes as she fought to stay conscious. Maybe a little persuasion will be in order. 

Aden suddenly swooped down from the sky with a shriek. She attacked the warrior, making him drop Kate. Kate landed with a THUD. She laid there, gasping for air as Aden continued to attack. When Kate's vision cleared, she stood up and prepared to attack.

Her attacker threw Aden into the wall then turned to Kate. You are lucky that pigeon attacked when it did. He started to approach her when suddenly the sky went dark and a voice boomed out of the clouds. 

Corin! Return to me at once! The deep voice boomed. Kate assumed it was Tulpa. 

But Master, I dont have her yet! Corin replied. 

It doesnt matter. Come back! NOW! Tulpa screamed harshly.  

Yes master. Corin said with a cringe; he turned to Kate. We will meet again, daughter of Aladine. With that, he disappeared. 

Kate recalled her sub armor. This day just keeps getting better and better. Who is Aladine? Aden broke her train of thought with a slight squawk. Kate turned to her pet and saw it sitting on one of the bikes. It was black with stars and a moon painted on it. Nice ride. Kate said as she examined it. Aden gave an amused sound and picked up the keys that just happened to be laying on the seat. Kate caught her drift. 


Why not. She grabbed her bag from off the ground, grabbed a helmet, and started the motorcycle. It gave a low hmm as the engine came alive. Sweet! Kate yelled as she and Aden started into the city. 

* * * *


Ryo watched Yuli play with White Blaze. He smiled at the scene displayed before him.

It had been almost a year since they stopped Tulpa, but it seemed so long ago. Kento and Cye were sparing off to the left while Sage and Rowen talked on the porch. They all were enjoying life as normal men, but Ryo had a feeling that things were going to go wrong very soon. 

Suddenly a flash of light appeared in the middle of the yard. Four figures could be seen. As the light faded, the ex-dark warlords collapsed on the grass. Ryo gasped. 

Rowen! Sage! Get over here! he yelled as he , Kento, and Cye ran to their fallen comrades. The warlords were wounded and bleeding badly. Ryo knelt down by Cale, who was the only one conscious, but just barely. He looked at Ryo and whispered, Hes.back. Then Cale passed out. Ryo exchanged worried looks with the others. 

Yuli suddenly screamed. Ryo, look at the city!

The Ronins looked towards the city and saw something they all had hopped was gone forever. Tulpas castle loomed over head; Tulpas laughter echoing through the city.