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Risen Empire
Character Guide

Chapter One


Good Guy- 

-Kate Jones.

-Armor of Ninja-Warrior of the Night-Hawk.


-Armor power-Dark Energy-Energy produced by the absence of light.

-Armor color-Black and Dark Blue

-Weapons-Crossbow and Katana.


-Eyes-A strange mix of Light Purple and Dark Blue.

-Hair-Long, blue almost black, kept in a low ponytail.

Kate is an American why an unknown past. Her parents left her in the care of a friend when she was four. She was raised with no knowledge who she really was or where she came from. But the truth will soon be revealed as her journey begins.  

- Aden.

Aden is Kate's pet hawk. Aden acts as Kate's friend and protector. Kate found the hawk a few days after she got her armor.


New Warlords--- 

-Corin Shetin.

-Armor of Warrior-Dark Warrior-Eagle.


-Armor Power-Light Energy-Energy produced by light.

-Armor Color-Silver and Black.

-Weapons-A long sword.


-Eyes-Same as Kate's.

-Hair-Shoulder length, light brown with two silver strips right by the eyes, hangs freely. 

Corin is the leader of the new warlords. He was taken as a child by Tulpa and trained as a fighter. He has no memory of his past, who his family was, or how he got his armor. Corin has a calm, cool manner when around the other Warlords, but his temper comes out in battle. He has been assigned to capture Kate, but something is holding him back from doing so. 

-Dan Validine.

-Armor of the Samurai-Dark Samurai-Lion.


-Armor Power-Electricity.

-Armor Color-Dark green and Ruby Red.

-Weapons-Spinney Whip.


-Eyes-Deep Green.

-Hair-Fiery Red.

Dan is an impulsive fighter. He was also taken as a child and trained to fight for Tulpa. He has very little patience and a short temper which drives him in fights. He prefers a straight fight and almost never plans. 


-Stefin Yeshild.

-Armor of Knight-Knight of Evil-Wolf.


-Armor Power-Thermal Energy.

-Armor Color-Changes from white to light purple when the light hits it.

-Weapons-Long Bow and Arrows.


-Eyes-Light Blue.

-Hair-Waist length-White-Braided.

Stefin is the only girl among the Warlords, but she has proven as tough a fighter and as mean a Warlord as they. She, as the others, was taken at a young age to serve Tulpa. She can hold her own when it comes to any challenge, but if you go to far in teasing her, your death will come on swift wings.  



-Pyseous Xandel.

-Armor of Assassin-Dark Killer- Panther.


-Armor Power-Pulsar.

-Armor Color-Black and Gold.

-Weapons-Man-catcher and throwing stars.



-Hair-Short-Black-Held back with a gold head band.

Pyseous is the kind of person whos bad side you do not want to be on. He was taken as a child and trained as an assassin, ready to kill whom ever commanded to, no matter what. He has a cold air about him that makes him even more dangerous than the other Warlords.