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Risen Empire
Chapter Three

Chapter Four


Cale jumped out of bed and almost fell onto Mia. His legs were shaking as he tried to walk. Ive got to stop them. They dont know what their getting into!

Mia grabbed his arm and forced him to sit down. Cale, youre not strong enough to help them yet. 

But I have to warn them! Tulpas new Warlords are stronger than they are. They might get killed! Cales head started to swim as his vision blurred. Mia saw this and helped him lay back down.

You have to rest! Im sure theyll be fine. Cale didnt answer as he plunged back into the depths of unconsciousness. 

* * * 

Ryo jumped to the next building, then the next, trying to find Tulpas where abouts. He and the other Ronin warriors had come into the city to once again stop Tulpa from taking control. They were almost done exploring half the deserted city and coming up with nothing. 

I dont get it. Tulpa would have engaged us by now. Whats he waiting for? Ryo asked as he scanned the horizon. 

I dont know. What if hes waiting for us to walk into a trap.? Rowen stated as he and the others caught up with Ryo. 

Well, whatever hes planning, I hope he does it soon or else Im going back to Mias for a nap. Just as the words left Sages mouth, the building began to shake. 

Well, I guess its time! Kento said as the building began to cave in. The Ronins jumped off at the last second, landing only a few inches from the falling building. 

Cye looked at what was left of their look out and shrugged. Well, thats the end of that.  

Oh, not by a long shot, Ronins! The Ronins turned to see a figure in silver and black armor, carrying a wicked looking sword. He approached them, stopping only a few feet away. Well, well. So these are the mighty Ronin Warriors. I must say it is a pleasure. 

Yeah well, enjoy it, because it wont last long. snapped Ryo. 

Ooooo, youre a feisty little one, arent ya. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Corin Shetin, the Dark Warrior of the Dynasty, and these are my comrades in arms. He pointed to a dark alley way; a maniacal laugh emanated out of the darkness.  

Hello Ronins! A figure wearing dark green and red armor stepped out. Welcome to my nightmare! He extended a spinney whip towards them. I am Dan Validine, Samurai of Evil! 

Up here! On top of a roof stood another warrior in white armor, or was it light purple? The warrior jumped down, landing next to Corin. Leaning on a long bow, the figure introduced herself. Im Stefin Yeshild, the Knight of Evil. 

My turn. came a cold voice behind them. The Ronins turned to see a tall figure in black and gold armor, holding a yari. I am Pyseous Xandle, Darkness Assassin. 

Ryo looked at each one of the new Warlords with a cold glare. Nice. Now, its our turn. Ronin Warriors to arms! 






They were surrounded by cherry blossoms which landed on their sub armor, creating their armor.  

Ryo of the Wildfire! Ryo said as he unsheathed his swords.

Rowen of Strata! Rowen readied his bow.

Cye of the Torrent! Cye pointed his yari at Pyseous challengingly.

Kento of Hardrock! Kento raised his staff.

Sage of the Halo! He lifted his sword, ready to strike. 

Nicely done. I especially liked the calling of the armor. taunted Corin. Lets do it. With that command, the Warlords charged. 

* * * 

Kate ran after Aden, wondering if the hawk was ever going to stop. Aden had informed her that someone was still in the city, and Kate wanted some answers as to why the city had turned into a ghost town. 

Kate followed Aden around the corner and almost ran into the person Aden had found; she just barely avoided falling on her face as she stopped in front of the stranger. Kate looked in wonder at the person standing before her. The figure wore a white robe with a shorter blue robe over the first, a triangular hat covered his eyes, and he held a strange looking staff. He had long red hair that fell freely at his shoulders. 

Wow. Kate said in astonishment. Um, hi. Can you help me? Im new in town and I was wondering where all the people were. No answer. Hello. Is anybody in there? 

The figure said something in Japanese, making Kate groan. Why didnt I learn this stupid language! She frowned and stomped the ground in frustration. Looking up at the figure, she said Im sorry. I dont speak Japanese. 

The figure shock his head, then raised the staff towards Kates head. Fear gripped her heart as the top of the staff began to glow. Hey, wait a minute! What do her sentence was cut off as a beam of light hit her in the face. A shock ran through her brain, giving Kate a big head ache.  

She stumbled backwards, clutching her throbbing head. Hey! What was that! How dare you do that thing to me! 

Im sorry, but it was necessary. the figure said in a clear voice.

Yeah, well, you could have warned. her head flew up. You II understood you. Wait a minute she lowered her head, then looked up at the figure. Im not speaking English. 

No you are not. Im sorry if your head hurts. he said, almost as a condolence for scaring her.

Who are you? And what did you do to me? Kate asked seriously. 

I am Anubis. I gave you the ability to understand different languages. When Kate did not respond, Anubis said slowly, I am here to help you. 

Anubis? Nice. What are you here to help me with? Kate asked skeptically, rubbing her forehead. 

Im here to help you in your quest to find your family, Katana Shetin. 

Kate stepped back in surprise. Katana Shetin? You must be mistaken. My name is Kate Jones, not Katana Shetin. 

Anubis sighed. That is your mortal name. Katana Shetin is your real name. I cant stay long so Ill get to the point. You must find Ryo of the Wildfire. Tell him that I sent you, then tell him about the misfortune you had at the airport. 

How did you. Kate shook her head. She was beginning to think this Anubis guy knew more than she thought. Ryo of the Wildfire? And where can I find him? 

Anubis pointed down the road she had come from. Go that way until you leave the town. About a mile outside the city, you will see a dirt road on your left. It is a driveway. Follow it to the house. Ryo should be there. Now, I must go. Take care, Kate. With that, he vanished. 

Kate gave Aden a curious look. Should I trust him? 

Yes. I think you can.  

Kate jumbed back in shock. I heard you! Is this a side effect to his spell? 

I guess it is. Should we go, master? Aden cocked her head towards the way they came. 

Yeah. Lets go. She said with a sigh. Im beginning to think coming here was a bad idea. 


* * * 

Ryo and Sage were having a hard time keeping up with Corins quick attacks. Hed strike left then right, up then down, thrust. He moved in a blur of motion, not giving up for a second. Ryo blocked an attack from the right and paired a quick blow to the front. Sage tried to strike at the side, but Corin blocked it. He then sent Sage flying with a quick kick in the stomach.. Ryo pressed an attack to the front, but was quickly thrown back on defense by Corins quick attacks. 

Cye and Pyseous were caught in a battle of the spears. Cye stabbed at Pyseous, who dodged and hit Cye in the back. Cye regained his balance and turned around to attack again. Pyseous hit Cye in the stomach, then raised his staff into the air. With great force, he brought it down. Cye met the attack, ensnaring Pyseous weapon in his. 

Well done. But thats not enough! IMPULES WAVE! A massive wave, resembling that of a sound wave, burst out from Pyseous yari, throwing Cye across the street and into a building. 


Kento brought his spear down, catching Dan in the shoulder. Dan stumbled back, then prepared his whip for attack. He sent the whip flying towards Kento. It wrapped around Kentos staff, causing them to get into a tug of war contest. Kento pulled with all his might, not letting up for a second, but neither did Dan. Then suddenly, Dans strength increased, allowing him to pull Kentos staff out of his hands. 

STING OF FEAR! Dans whip began to pulse with electricity. He sent the whip flying, the electric bolts burning the air. The whip wrapped around Kentos waist, sending dozens of bolts of electricity through his body. 


Rowen let loose a barrage of arrows, each missing there target. Stefin jumped into the air and let loose even more arrows then Rowen, most hitting their mark. Rowen screamed as an arrow penetrated his armor, causing blood to pour down his left arm. He quickly snapped off most of the arrow and clutched his wounded arm. 

Hey, that was a cheep shot, Lady! 

Ha! Its not my fault you cant keep up. She jumped into the air and readied her bow. HEAVENS FURRY! she set a hundred arrows toward Rowen, each one infused with thermal energy. Once they hit the ground, the energy exploded, sending Rowen through three buildings. 


Ryo went flying into a tree. This isnt going well. he said as he got up.

Corin started towards him. Dont tell me thats all youve got, Wildfire. 

Ryo felt really weak from the battle. Suddenly, his armor began to glow. 

Ryo, time to link up! Lets give these guys a full Inferno blast! Sage called from behind Corin. Ryo saw that he, too, was glowing. Kento, who was laying on the ground unconscious, lent his power, as did a weakened Cye and Rowen.

Ok guys. Lets bring it together! The power of the five armors combined. The Wildfire armor disappeared to reveal a black sub armor. A wind of power swirled around Ryo as the gauntlets appeared. A flame engulfed Ryo, creating the rest of the Inferno armor. The swords of Fervor appeared in his hands as Ryo prepared to attack. 

The four Warlords stood in a group, watching the whole transformation why great interest. Impressive. So this is the White Armor of Inferno. I certainly hope he uses it. Corin said. 

Ryo crossed the swords blades 

I think he is going to. Stefin stated non-chalantly. 

RAGE OF INFERNO! Ryo raised the swords above his head, then thrust them infront of him, hurling a mass of white light and fire at the Warlords. 

Time to go. said Corin. The Warlords disappeared a second before the blast hit. 

Once the dust cleared, the Inferno armor vanished, leaving Ryo standing in his original armor. Ryo looked at the area where they had just done battle. He saw Kento passed out on the street. Rowen was leaning on Cye as they approached him. Sage walked up to Kento and healed him as best he could. Kento slowly woke up, his head pounding from the fight. Man, that was harder than I thought. These guys will be hard to beat.

Ryo turned to the others. Lets get back. Its about time we asked the Warlords about this. 

They nodded and began a slow trek back to Mias.