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Risen Empire
Chapter Four

Chapter Five


It had been at least two hours after the sun set when Kate pulled into the driveway of Mias home. Aden lead the way down the long road, surveying each twist and turn just incase it was a trap. 

Aden! How much farther? asked Kate as they turned again. 

Not to far. I see a house just up the way.  

This is crazy. Im going to a house belonging to who knows what, Im looking for someone named Ryo of the Wildfire, and Im trusting a strange monk thing. I must be tripping! 

Master, there it is! Kate looked down the road to see a huge house. It was two stories tall with at least a 2 mile perimeter. Kate slowed her motorcycle to a stop and leaned it up against a tree. She stared in awe at the wonder of it all. 

Aden, fly in there and see if its safe. I just want to be sure its not a trap. Aden gave her an What! Are you kidding? look. Kate shrugged. What? Im really not in the mood to fight. 

Aden took off towards the house, muttering something about doing all the dangerous work. 

* * * 

Dais woke up, suddenly alerted to an unknown presence coming from outside. He walked to the window and saw a light coming down the road. 

Thats odd. Who would be coming now? A strange sense of danger came over him, the same one he felt right before the Warlords attacked them, as he watched the stranger come closer. He quickly left the room and found Mia. 

Mia, someones coming. I dont know who, but I have a feeling whomever it is, is dangerous. 

Are you sure its not the guys coming back? Mia asked, not looking up from her computer. 

Since when do they drive to battle. Please, get the others up and go hide. Dais said in urgency. 

Mia got up and woke the other Warlords. She told them what Dais had said and they went downstairs. Mia hid in her room while the Warlords prepared to fight. 

* * * 

Aden circled the house, looking for a way in. She was about to turn back when she saw an open window on the bottom level. She swooped down and surveyed the opening. It looked safe enough. Aden flew in, looking at every object in the room. It was dark but Aden could still make out what was in there. It was a kitchen. A few pots and pans were out of place, but everything else was ok. Aden flew out the door and into the dinning room. A table with six chairs stood in the middle; a lab-top lay on the far end. Aden landed on the table to rest a minute. She folded her wings and began to observe a nice set of dishes that hung on the wall, not noticing the dark figure standing behind her. 

Two hands shot out of the darkness and closed around Aden. Aden let out an alarmed shriek before another hand grasped her mouth. 

Sekhmet, you were suppose to catch it, not scare it to death! What if the thing sent some kind of signal to its master! 

Sorry, Kayra! You try keeping this thing quiet. OUCH! Sekhmet yelped. The stupid thing clawed me! he said as he shook his hand. 

Oh, you are such a baby! Here, give it to me. Ill take care of it. Kayra took Aden upstairs and threw her into a closet. 


* * * 

Aden certainly has been gone a long time. I hope shes ok. Just as Kate finished, she heard Adens shriek. 

Oh, no. She ran up the stairs and burst through the door. It was pitch black. Kate slowly stepped into the room and closed the door. She crept into the living room, almost bumping into the couch. 

This is just great! Aden! she called as loud as she dared, which really wasnt above a whisper. Aden! Where are you!  

She walked to the dinning room and stopped at the table. A moon beam illuminated a spot where some feathers sat. Kate picked one up. This is Adens. 

Suddenly someone grabbed Kates arm and threw her into the living room. 

What the! She hit the couch, knocking it over as she fell. Another figure came up and punched her in the stomach, making her fall again. Kate rolled to the left, avoiding a kick in the head, jumped over the couch, and backed into the banister. 

Ok! Who ever you are, its time to die! She pulled out her medallion. 


Her sub armor appeared in a flash . She lowered her dagger and looked around. Her eyes adjusted to the dark, allowing her to make out four figures coming towards her. They all charged at once; Kate jumped over them and started to run. She was suddenly sent face first into the ground by a kick in the back. She felt herself being raised up, then slammed into a wall, again, and again until she nearly lost consciousness. 

This isnt my day. Two of the figures grabbed her arms and held her against the wall, while another took her dagger and held it to her throat.  

Who are you! Who sent you here! A female voice demanded. 

Kates mind swirled for the answer. Panic had taken over , making it hard for her to think. III then she said something in a language she had never heard before.-You will pay dearly for this!- 

The knife left her throat in an instant. Did you guys just hear her say what I thought she said? The female voice asked as she put the dagger back in place at Kates throat. 

She just spoke in Dynasty tongue. Another voice, male his time, said in suspicion.  

The female spoke again. Who are you? Did Tulpa send you?  

Kate calmed down enough to answer. No. I dont even know who Tulpa is. Im Kate Jones. A guy in a monk get-up told me to come here. 

A monk get-up? the female asked. 

Kate nodded the best she could against the dagger. Yes! He said his name was....Anewbus! Wait...that wasn't it..... 

Anubis sent you? another male voice asked. 

Yes, Anubis! That's it! Is that a problem? Kate asked, alittle unsure about their response to her message. 

No one answered. Instead, the dagger left her throat, a light came on, and Kate finally saw her captors. Two guys held her arms, one had white hair and was in olive sub-armor and the other had green hair and brown sub-armor. The female had long blue/black hair and blue sub-armor. The one holding her dagger had blue hair, was in red sub-armor, and had a strange scar on his left eye. Dais and Sekhmet let go of Kates arms and walked over to Cale and Kayra.

This is strange. She spoke in Dynasty, but she claims that she doesnt know about Tulpa. What does that mean? asked Dais. 

Im not sure. Sekhmet answered. Another question is what is she doing here. If Anubis sent her, than he must have had good reason. 

Cale just stared at Kate in amazement. Those eyes. I know those eyes. He walked up to Kate and handed her the dagger. Kate took it after a minute and lowered it to her side. It turned back into her medallion as her sub armor faded into her clothes. 

What did you say your name was? Cale asked, also shedding his sub-armor. 

Kate Jones. And you? she asked as she put her medallion back around her neck. 

Im Cale. And my fellow attackers are He Cale pointed to the other Warlords, who were now all in their normal clothes. Dais, He pointed to the one with white hair. Kate noticed he had a pirate patch over one eye. Sekhmet. He pointed to the green haired guy. And the girl is Lady Kayra. Im sorry if we scared you. 

Kate nodded as if it were nothing. She walked over to the couch, picked it back up, and sat down with a sigh. 

I think you can tell Mia the cost is clear. Cale said to Dais, who quickly walked upstairs. 

You didnt by any chance catch my hawk, did you? Kate asked. 

Yes, we did. Sekhmet said, holding the scratch on his hand. 

Dais came down stairs with Mia in tow. Dais, go back up and get the hawk out of the closet. Kayra ordered.  

Dais rolled his eye and went back up stairs. Mia walked over to Kate and sat down. Hi. Im Mia Koji. I hope these guys didnt offend you, miss..... 

Kate Jones. And, no Im not offend. Ive had a strange day anyway, so this fits right in. Its nice to meet you. she shook Mias hand. Question, do walking green armor attack tourists all the time, or am I just lucky? 

Walking green armor? Do you mean Dynasty soldiers? Kayra asked, walking up to them. 

I guess. They attacked me this morning. A guy named Corin said that Tulpa wanted to see me. I pretty much told him to die. Then those Dynasty soldiers or whatever you called them attacked me. Kate had thought it nothing until she saw the worried looks on everyones face. I guess it doesnt happen often. 

Dais came down with Aden. He had heard the last part of the conversation and new something wasnt right about it. Kate smiled as Aden landed on her shoulder. 

Kate. You said Anubis sent you here. Did he happen to mention why? Cale asked from the other side of the room.

I doubt they would believe me if I said it was to find my family. She stroked Adens head, then stated, He told me to find Ryo of the Wildfire. Is he here? 

As if on que, the Ronins entered the room, in their sub-armor. Mia jumped up to help Kento and Rowen to a seat. Kate stood up so the others could sit down, and backed up against the wall. Cye and Sage sat on the couch while Ryo went up to Kayra. 

Ryo! Im so glad youre ok. When Cale told us you went to face Tulpa, we feared you wouldnt return. she stated, relieved. So what happened? 

Kate stood awkwardly in the corner, listening to the Ronins report. 

Those new Warlords are harsh. They certainly know how to pack a punch. We barely held them off. Ryo said, motioning to Kento and Rowen. 

Dais walked to the couch and knelt in front of Rowen. That is going to have to come out. He grabbed the broken arrow. Brace yourself. Rowen grabbed the arm of the couch and resisted the urge to scream as Dais pulled the arrow out of his arm causing a fresh stream of blood came out.

Mia left the room and quickly returned with a first aid kit. She ordered them to take off their sub armor, which they did, allowing her to start. Mia cleaned up the blood and patched up Rowens arm. She then started on Kento.

Um, Ryo? Kate asked, stepping up to the couch. Ryo turned to her. Was a warrior by the name of Corin there? 

Yes! And that guy was mean! All and all, he was the worst. I am amazed Sage and I are in such good condition as we are after His voiced trailed off when he finally realized that a stranger was in the house. He put his hands on his hips and asked, Who are you? 

Im Kate Jones. Anubis sent me here to find you. All the Ronins turned to her with looks of shock. Why does every one keep doing that? she asked with a slight bit of irritation in her voice. 

Im sorry, Kate. But are you sure it was Anubis? asked Ryo. 

Maybe it was a different Anubis. Kento suggested. Sage whapped him in the back of the head. Ow! he protested. 

How many Anubis do we know. Cye asked sarcastically. He turned to Kate. Did this Anubis wear a white robe and carry a staff? 

Yes. It was a cool looking piece of work to. She looked at Ryo. Is that a bad thing? 

Are you sure thats who you saw? He asked calmly, his arms folded over his sub armor. 

Yes!" She snapped. "Why are you asking me this? Thats who I saw! He had red hair, a brown hat, and his eyes were covered! Is there something wrong with that!?! Kate asked sharply. It had been a long day and the strain from it was catching up to her. 

No, theres nothing wrong with it. Ryo said, trying to calm her down. Except for the fact that Anubis.... is dead.  

It certainly calmed her. Once Ryo said dead, Kates eyes rolled to the back of her head, and she collapsed.