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Trailor For "Turning Point"

By Nasuko

I suppose life for me changed when my mother died, leaving me and my father to fend for ourselves. More like leaving me to fend for myself. My father is a kind man, never raised a hand to me, but as a parent and a provider he is a failure. Even after my mother died life still had many problems to deal to me.

But everyone has their sob stories. Im sure mine is no different. Well, OK, maybe it is. But only because it includes the story of five young men. These young men are not only smart, good looking, and a lethal team (of course all to different degrees of each quality), but they hold the key to saving the universe, and killing it.

Perhaps it is time I introduce myself. My name is Nayati, Nayati of the clan of Wind. I lived in the Nether Realm. My clan didnt control the wind. The power of the wind is far too strong. We instead asked for the winds help. The wind is more powerful than storms and a raid made by people. The wind can blow storms hold life giving rain to our fields, and blow our enemies far away. It is a
protector and giver of many gifts.

My clan enjoyed a long term of success, our fields were plentiful, giving large fruit to fill everyones stomach. Money was a plenty and everyone enjoyed everyday. Free time was spent on laying in fields, watching the clouds go by.

But then Talpa came. I was born after the time of Talpa began. My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother saw the days before his terror. By the time I came around everyone was well adjusted to rule under him, if one can become well adjusted to such tyranny. The great times in which the people lived for many years abruptly stopped. Talpa harnessed the wind under his control, filling it with evil. It no longer granted our peoples wishes, no longer brought life giving rain to out fields. We were open to attack, having relied on the wind for protection. Our clan was raided and pillaged of everything within it.

Many clans were taken under this way. Many turned to the side of evil, and they in turn received rain and protection. But my clan refused and we paid dearly for it. Then the five warriors I spoke of earlier fought him and killed Talpa, ending his reign.

And this is where my story begins. The times after Talpa, the hardest time the Nether Realm has ever seen.

This is a trailor for my newest fanfic. It is obviously about Nayati of the Clan of the Wind and her battle against evil. Power goes to the heads of the new rulers of the Nether Realm with the introduction of armies, new enemies, and the sting of betrayal. All alies of the side of good are slowly being taken from the picture and Nayati must save them...and her entire realm.

This fanfic is not finished. I do not know if I am going to finish it. If you are interested in reading it, let me know. I need compliments! LOL. But seriously....let me know if you want to read it all.