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Risen Empire
Chapter Two

Chapter Three


Corin Shetin walked through the dark hall way of Tulpas castle, thinking of his fight with Kate Jones. He turned a corner and entered the throne room. Inside stood his three comrades in arms.  

Youre late, Corin. sneered Dan Validine, standing in his green and red sub armor and holding a small whip in his hands. His deep green eyes peered at his leader as Corin walked by. His features were almost laughable. His short fiery red hair (in Sekhmets style) looked like he just got out of bed, and his eyes looked like that of an attacking predator. But these features did fit his personality. 

Corin didnt even bother to answer as he passed. He quickly walked up to a tall, slim young woman standing in the corner. She wore a white and light purple sub armor that brought out her light blue eyes. The girl was playing with her long white hair which she kept braided. Looking up, she asked, Having a bad day? 

No, Stefin. Just a little concerned. Kate Jones did fair well against the soldiers. Its a good thing she doesnt know her true power. 

That is fortunate. Stefin Yeshild sighed, looking down to examine her small crossbow. Dont you worry. She and the Ronins wont be a problem. 

Thats what the other Warlords said, and look what happened to them. came a cool voice from across the room.  

Are you worried to, Pyseous? asked Stefin. 

Pyseous Xandle hung upside down, his short, black hair fighting to break free from the gold head band holding it in place; his dark brown eyes were as cold as a northern winters night. His black and gold sub armor shimmered in the light, as did the blade on his short staff. No. I am confident we can beat them. Im just saying that the others were cocky, and now theyre dead. He smiled wickedly at the thought. 

They may not be! snapped Dan. You let them teleport out before you finished them off! They could be with the Ronins right now, exposing us! 

Pyseous turned right side and faced Dan challengingly. Are you doubting my skill? 

Well if the boot fits, assassin! snapped Dan. 

SILENCE! the Warlords turned in unison to see Tulpa standing by his throne. This bickering is pointless. 

The Warlords bowed as Tulpa sat on his throne. If you are to fight the Ronins, you must work together. 

Master, do the Ronins know you are still alive? asked Corin. 

Yes. he said emotionlessly. His eyes flashed a deep red when he said, The Warlords survived. They are with the Ronins as we speak. 

Dan glanced at Pyseous and smiled. I guess you failed, Assassin. Pyseous didnt answer. 

What are we to do about it? asked Stefin. 

Destroy them! Tulpa said in his best evil lord commanding voice. The Ronins will head to the city to engage us. All four of you must go and face them. 

Yes Master. they said, bowing in unison. 

* * * 

Ryo paced back and forth in Mias living room, thinking about what had happened.

Tulpas back? But how? The scenes from earlier replayed in his head. Yuli was playing with White Blaze when suddenly the Warlords appeared and passed out on Mias lawn. Cales words echoed in his head. Hes back. 

Rowen, Kento, and Cye sat on the couch, watching Ryo pace. 

Ryo, buddy. Calm down. Your making me nervous. Kento said. 

Ryo shot him a dangerous look. How can I calm down if Tulpa is back! 

Its easy. Just sit down and stop pacing. Cye said in an attempt to lighten the mood. 

Surprisingly, Ryo decided to take his advise. He sat in an arm chair and waited impatiently. 


* * * * 

Sage looked at Cale with concern. All the Warlords had be beaten pretty badly, and Sage wondered who had done it. He knelt next to his old rival, hoping that his healing ability would work. Of all the Warlords, Cale was hurt the least. Sage had spent the day in his sub armor, healing the fallen warriors the best he could. Dais, Sekhmet, and Lady Kayra were asleep in other rooms, healing the rest of the way naturally.  

Sage hoped that once he helped Cale, the ex-Warlord could give him some answers. He laid his hands on Cales chest, shut his eyes, and concentrated. A faint green light surrounded him, then traveled to Cale. The green light surrounded Cale, searching for his wounds, accumulating over each, and closing them with ease. 

When Sage felt that the process was over, he retracted his hands and sighed. The whole thing had taken a lot out of him. He slumped back on the floor, threatening to pass out himself.

Mia walked in and looked at Sage. Is he ok? her question startled him. 

He should be. Now we have to wait till he wakes up. Sage stood up and walked out with Mia in tow. He walked down the stairs and into the living room; the others turned to him. 

Well, Ive done all I can. Now the rest is up to them. Sage said as he sat down. 

How long until one of them wakes up? asked Ryo, anxious to get some answers. 

I dont know. Sage answered.

Great. And what are we suppose to do until then? Ryo asked rather irritated. 

I say we go to the city and give Tulpa an unwarm welcome! Kento suggested. 

Yeah! Lets go show him were still here ,and we refuse to let him invade this realm! Cye jumped up and smiled, ready to fight. Everyone starred at him in surprise, knowing that this kind of behavior was unlike him. 

Hold it guys. We dont know what to expect. What if whoever got the Warlords is there? Rowen said. 

Then well give them some pay back, Ronin style! Come on guys, lets go! Ryo stood up, giving each one a hard look. They nodded and followed Ryo outside.

Lets do it. Ronin Warriors, to arms! Ryo pulled out a large pearl and raised it above his head, the others did the same. 






In a flash of light, their sub armor appeared. Ryo looked at himself, thinking how much he missed doing that. He looked at the others. Lets go.

* * * 

Whoa. What happened? Kate slowed her newly acquired motorcycle as she observed the dead city. Where is everybody? The city streets were quiet except for the sound of Kates engine, a cloud cast blocked out the sun, making it a perfect ghost town. Kate parked the motorcycle by a bus stop and got off. She lowered her sunglasses and gazed at her surroundings. 

Not quite the welcome I was hoping for. she stated dryly. What happened here? She gingerly walked down the street, taking in every site. The buildings were still intact, cars lined the streets, and even that mornings paper was in the stands, but the people were all gone. 

This is too creepy. Kate turned to Aden. Fly above the buildings and see if anyone is still here. 

Aden nodded and started her task. Kate walked back to her ride and took out her bag. After putting away her sunglasses, she rummaged through her stuff, looking for a certain item. After a minute or two she pulled out a small head set of some kind. It was curved to fit her head, a small cylinder was attached to an ear piece on the right side with a microphone extending to the mouth. 

Kate put it on and switched on the cylinder, which was a small camera. She once again began to survey the area.

This is strange. I arrive in Toyama today, get attacked by more walking armor, a strange man named Corin said I was the daughter of someone named Aladine, and now the whole city is deserted. Kate continued to survey the land scape when Aden flew to her side. Aden told her that someone was standing a few blocks down.

Good, then maybe this person can explain what happened. Kate put the recording set back in her bag and headed down the street.

* * * 



OWWW The first thing that hit Cale as he slowly became conscious was the sharp pain in his right arm, the next thing he noticed was the softness of the sheets he laid on.

Sheets? Why am I on sheets? He opened his eyes to find himself in a room. He looked around, trying to find out whos room he was in.  

The door opened and Mia stepped in. Oh, good. Youre awake. How do you feel? 

Um.. fine, I guess. How He began to ask how she got here when he remembered what had happened. His eyes narrowed as he said, Where are the Ronins? I must speak with them. He tried to get out of bed, but found it hard just to sit up. 

Mia looked at him in concern. They went to fight off Tulpa. 

Cales eyes widened at her answer. They did WHAT! he looked out the window and saw a black cloud over the city. Oh, no.